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Increase your competitiveness by integrating the digital world with your maintenance tasks in an easy and cost-effective way.

Welcome to the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a dynamic infrastructure network with the capacity to connect assets in a more intelligent way.

The Internet of Things facilitates the understanding of any field asset status, allowing businesses to analyse their data in real time in order to improve decision making.

The Internet of Things impacts all areas of business, improving operations, increasing customer satisfaction and efficiency.

django® cloud IoT

A user-friendly and versatile solution

django® cloud IoT  is the sum of two technologies; thedjango® cloud technology, which improves management efficiency, field technician productivity and customer satisfaction; and the SIGFOX IoT technology which allows you to have complete visibility over assets displayed in remote locations.


With django® cloud IoT, you can achieve a more comprehensive management system which allows you to attain a significant increase in field operation efficiency.

After having gained visibility on the key indicators for your field assets, django® cloud IoT enables you to manage your workforce operations through its own technology and redefine the way you plan and design field operations. You will be able to more efficiently connect equipment, processes and people within your organisation, with a base in the cloud as well as being connected through the Internet of Things.

Ultimately, you will be able to count on seamless communication between your systems, field technicians and their assets, all at a reasonable cost.

Alizent SIGFOX Ready

Alizent is the Company which developed the django® cloud technology. It belongs to the Air Liquide Group and has more than 13 years’ experience serving diverse industries internationally.

Alizdent specializes in applying digital technology to industries with the aim of transforming processes, assets and people in order to increase business performance.

SIGFOX is the leader in profitable and efficient mobile connectivity supplies (M2M networks) for the Internet of Things (IoT). Its solution is based on an infrastructure of antennas and base stations which are completely independent of other existing networks.

How django® IoT works

Through an easy-to-use monitoring device with a battery, developed by SIGFOX,django® IoT enables you, at all times, to be aware of your field technician’s activities, allowing companies to analyse real time data in order to improve decision making.


These assets are traceable with our devices and thanks to django® IoT, everything can be integrated into a system where you can program status alerts that allow you to predict unexpected issues in the service, locate broken machine parts and ultimately anywhere your business operations may be disrupted by unforeseen occurrences or breakdowns.

django® IoT, combines the different elements of your network in a very simple way, allowing you to not only have complete control over all of your field assets, but also have them interact with each other seamlessly. This makes it easy to manage for you, which is always a benefit, and adaption is minimal.

django® IoT for maintenance providers

Maintenance Providers are a great example of how django® IoT can completely transform your standard services into intelligent services, all thanks to our technology.

In cases like this, the field asset can alert you if it is not working correctly. This alert will generate a work maintenance order on the system and, thanks to django® IoT technology, the technician responsible for the installation will receive all the necessary information straight to their mobile.

django® IoT means you can be one step ahead of any breakdown, offering you the security that you need for your business, through continuous monitoring and automated installations for predictive maintenance. In this way, these maintenance tasks increase the durability of the things that make up the elements in the Internet of Things.

To sum up, you will be able to improve your competitiveness, reduce operational costs and increase the added value of products, with a tool that is easy to use for everyone.

A new model of intelligent predictive maintenance available means a new business model for your company.

Why django® cloud IoT?

Reduce costs

Reduce operational costs and non-productive time thanks to the resource optimisation through the data obtained from your assets

Equipment connection

Carry out equipment connection and automate business processes in an simple and cost-effective manner


Achieve multi-directional and seamless communication between your existing systems and your organisation; equipment, processes and people

Monitor business

Monitor and analyse business processes to improve overall effectiveness and profitability.
Increase the number of satisfied customers thanks to the optimum service performance


Increase the number of satisfied customers through optimal service performance


The merger with SIGFOX as an expert partner in IoT, offers you security in the networks based on this technology

django® cloud transforms your business’ services into intelligent ones in a way which will enable you to make the most of your business, all thanks to the direct connection of your field assets with your incident and maintenance management center.

With django® IoT , you can carry out your maintenance works faster and more effectively, in a way that leaves your end customer satisfied.

Anticipate breakdowns, with a predictive maintenance system or even better, surprise your clients with repairs that are right on schedule!



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